Our approach

Climate Resilience is a Brisbane based firm, specialising in natural hazard risk and governance with focus on engineering, construction and business

Founded in 2022, we have been engaged by a growing cohort of well-known clients for projects relating to atmospheric and hydrological hazards, warning systems, dam safety governance, and physical risk for financial disclosure.

We believe in the importance of learning lessons and our events database contains cultural, risk, legal, operational, and other learnings from significant natural hazard events. Such learnings are a cornerstone of successful resilience practice and remaining sustainable, and competitive with a changed climate.

Check out our  data and decision tools to see what risk information or hazard metrics others are using to inform, or add context to the management of natural hazard risk.

Some of the reasons clients like Climate Resilience:

  • You’ll never get a variation from us once contracts are signed. Guaranteed.
  • ‘Give back’ program to support projects for community /disadvantaged areas.
  • A consultant who has done the job for 25 years with unique, tested experience.
  • Capability uplift for your organisation is part of the deal.
  • A focus on your decision support needs; you won’t get generic solutions.
  • It’s not about a tick box exercise, we deliver practical outcome with transformative impact.
Rain falling on a tree-lined suburban street
Inner Brisbane, February 2022